Brave boys, don’t cry…

I like the autumn, I like the time of transition.
Windy grey mornings when there is still a little warmth in the air.
Cold bright mornings when you feel that winter is not far away.
Lovely but just a little sad

Today I walked to work in the rain. It wasn’t raining very hard, hardly raining at all but there was a slight precipitation drifting about in the wind. I had my umbrella with me but couldn’t bring myself to put it up; I was enjoying the feel of the rain on my face.

I walked to work the other day, well, you know, as I do every working day. It was a bright clear morning with a touch of cold in the air. The sun on my back was hot but the air was cold and as I only have a 15 minute walk to work I felt I didn’t need a coat so I was wearing just a t-shirt (and jeans, pants, socks and shoes, before you start getting all pedantic on me) and by the time I got to the place where I work the skin on my arms was tingling with the cold air. I love mornings like that, they really make me feel alive. There are mornings like that in the spring but somehow they are different, it’s the autumn mornings that hit the spot.

The autumn evenings also feel a little sad; the leaves are turning, falling. We are preparing for the winter.The light goes earlier and earlier. This happens every year but still I marvel in the changes. Waking-up to darkness, adjusting to the colder climate. I love it, it’s fair to say that I love all the seasonal changes but I think that autumn is my favourite.

I read once that it is easier to identify with sad songs, easier to get into sad songs; maybe this is a similar thing. I certainly do enjoy a good, sad song, something in my psyche perhaps. I enjoy happy songs too; let’s not get all maudlin here but a good dollop of angst every now and again certainly cheers me up. Paradox? I don’t know, it’s a strange thing but it does seem to be true. One of my favourite music albums is Brave by Marillion, it was released in 1994 and I’ve always loved it but it always makes me cry, it’s sad but beautiful sad, a bit like an autumn morning.

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