I have a proposition for you.

Prostitution is legal in Poland, strictly on a one-to-one basis. Running a brothel or pimping is very much against the law but if I wanted to offer my body for money, well, it’s money for old rope.

Did I tell you? Back in 2014 I was propositioned by a prostitute! It was quite funny though, I’d just got back to my Hotel in Warsaw, Polonia Palace if you must know, after being taken out for a splendid meal, so I’d already had a few drinks. I went to the hotel lobby bar and after plonking myself on a bar stool and ordering a beer, I noticed that there were these two women sitting sort of opposite, across the corner of the bar – not bad looking actually, the women that is, although the bar is good looking too.

So, I drank my beer, then another, then realised that one of these two women kept looking over at me. being a little under the influence, I raised my glass to her just to say Hi, thinking no more of it. The next moment she is pulling-up a stool next to me! Chit-chat ensued followed by the information that for the consideration of a mere one thousand zlotys (tysiąc złotych) certain “special” services could be expected.

I nearly fell off of my bar stool! I know, Polonia Palace too, shocking state of affairs. Ah, you gotta laugh though and no, I didn’t avail myself of her services.

She went back to her friend on the other arm of the bar, I slunk away to my room.

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