Article 50.

It seems to me that the only reason we had a referendum on the EU was so that David Cameron (remember him?), could ensure himself another term in office, he clearly didn’t think that a small majority would tip the scales in favour of actually leaving the EU. The only reason Theresa May, once an ardent remainer, is being so pro-active about getting Article 50 on the move is to ensure herself another term in office. Had this been an election then a small majority would not have been so contentious, a very small majority may have elicited calls for a recount but by and large people would have abided by the result.

The EU Referendum however was not about electing another self-serving so-and-so seeking public office. OK, maybe a bit harsh, I’m sure that not all duly elected representatives are only in it for themselves but on the balance of available evidence it seems that most of them are. The EU Referendum was about making a big decision about the future of the country and not everybody agreed on what was best. And John Bull, bless him, came out en masse reciting mantras about taking back control, closing the borders and diverting all the money that was going to the EU into the NHS and other deserving institutions. Now, I don’t disagree with giving more money to the NHS etc. but if there really was the political will to do so I think that it would already have been done.

I was in a local shop earlier, a corner shop, it stands on the corner of two roads, and it is run by a Sikh family. I’d popped in to buy a Mars Bar as a small consolation to the news that the Article 50 letter had been delivered. I paid for my confectionary and made for the door and a chap who had been behind me in the queue said to the young man of obvious Asian extraction behind the counter, “Hey, it’s a great day today, the letter’s been sent…” I didn’t hear the rest of the exchange. Don’t get me wrong; by the good natured tone of voice the two guys obviously knew each other if only through use of the shop but I think it does serve to highlight the conflict and confusion still prevalent. The guy was talking to someone whose family at some point had come to the UK as immigrants.

Well, we have at best two years to make some sense of all of this but the bottom line is, Her Majesty’s Government is trying to deprive me of my EU Citizenship without my consent and I do not want to lose my status as a citizen of the EU.

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