Time And Tide

It’s New Year’s Day 2019, I’m sitting here listening to Radio Caroline and they just played the track “Catalan” from the Greenslade album “Time And Tide” and it immediately took me to two very different places, happy and sad.

Happy because back in 1975 when the album was released I remember only too well my good friend Kerry Thorpe being absolutely incredulous and not a little annoyed that the entire album lasted only a couple of minutes over half an hour. I can see him now waving the album at me and shouting, “Only half a sodding hour?” It did seem a little short, especially as one was expected to pay full price for it which would have been around £3.00 in those days which doesn’t sound much today but we hadn’t long been decimalised and we all knew the worth of three quid.


And then there is the track Catalan itself, the longest on the album at 5.03, (or so the album sleeve informs me) a jolly, jaunty piece, Hammond organ and Mellotron with convoluted rhythms and a tricky time signature, all grist for the mill of the “Prog” aficionado.

Sad because Kerry is no longer with us.

And so as we all plough forward into another year, into another set of opportunities that await us, In the midst of all this forward motion, I was back in 1975; just for 5 minutes and 3 seconds, sometimes it’s good to look back and sometimes and it’s bloody essential.

Happy New Year everyone.

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