Media pressure

It’s sad that anybody should feel driven to commit suicide but until yesterday I’d never heard of Caroline Flack, I’m just not interested in and don’t watch the kind of celebrity drivel TV programs she is supposedly “famous” for being a part of. I say “drivel” because they are drivel to me, I’m well aware that many millions watch and enjoy such “reality” and “celebrity” offerings and this is in no way intended to denigrate those people but those programs not for me.

It became apparent through watching news programs and catching the “backlash” on social media that not so long ago Ms Flack was being hung out to dry by “The Media” and indeed by people on social media for the incident back in December when she was arrested and charged with assaulting her “boyfriend”, tennis player Lewis Burton, another person I’d never heard of but that’s cool because I rather doubt that either of them had ever heard of me.

Yesterday, suddenly, Ms Flak was everybody’s darling and there were outpourings of grief for a life tragically cut short. On the face of it Caroline Flack had everything going for her but when the Police arrived at the home she and Lewis shared, after reports of an affray phoned in by Mr Burton himself via 999, they were both found “covered in blood”.

Apparently Ms Flack had hit Mr Burton over the head with a lamp while he was sleeping after she found text messages on his mobile phone which led her to believe that he was having an affair.

Is this really the sort of person that society wants to take as their role model?

Sure, as we go through life we all fuck-up from time to time, we all do things that in hindsight we shouldn’t have but the vast majority of us keep it on the rails, Flack didn’t, couldn’t, driven say some by “Media” pressure; well, we’ve all of us suffered in some way from Media pressure but those who put themselves in the full glare of that merciless sun, and who reap the monetary rewards for it, surely must have some inkling of what they are letting themselves in for, mustn’t they?

We all got a wake-up call when pressure from “The Media” drove Diana into that French tunnel.

Yes, “The Media” in its many guises has a lot to answer for.
So, how was Turkey? Still invading Syria?






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