Staying at home 3: A brief spell of normality in a crazy world.

It was minus five the garden this morning, minus five Celsius that is, not garden chairs or bamboo bean-poles. Judging by the cloudless sky it looked like it was going to be a nice sunny day but the clouds arrived in short order and put paid to that. In a way I’m glad I suppose, it’s much easier to Stay At Home when the weather is looking a bit grim outside. 

Minus five Celsius


It looked like it was going to be a nice sunny day

There were aircraft in the sky, I pondered fleetingly where they were going, where they had come from, why they were there at all when we’re all supposedly staying resolutely at home.

A few tens of thousands of feet below those aircraft a lone Corvid flew overhead, a Crow or Jackdaw, I couldn’t quite make out which. I smiled to myself as I thought; “I bet they’re livid, Corvids, everybody talking about this horrid COVID virus and thinking that Corvids had something to do with it.” Is that how fake news starts? I’d better keep that one to myself then.

A probably livid Corvid

Yesterday afternoon was nice, the sun came out for a bit and when the wind dropped it was almost warm out in the garden, yes, I was out – in the garden, making sure that the neighbours weren’t out there first of course.
As I wrote a few days ago, I’d cobbled together some bits of wood to make a makeshift baseboard for running trains on, Tri-ang trains.

I have, for my sins, a cupboard full of old Tri-ang toy train stuff (technical term), stuff that several years ago I decided that I wanted to start collecting, having lost, broken, sold-off or otherwise disposed of the stuff that I did have back in the 1960s and 70s, well, a man’s got to have a hobby, or so I’ve heard say.

And so, as yesterday afternoon was shaping-up quite nicely, weather-wise, I decided to set out my stall, as it were and get all trained-up. I sat a while in the sun, playing trains and just enjoying doing something “normal”, well, as normal as I tend to get. These trains are almost as old as I am, dating as they do from the very early 1960s, I myself date from the very late 1950s, and the trains still work so there’s hope yet, eh?

One thought on “Staying at home 3: A brief spell of normality in a crazy world.

  1. A real live train set, eh? Although I was a very girly little girl in the 1950’s I did have a little friend who had the most marvellous train set and I used to love going to his house when it was raining and he would set it up. We had to go to the park when it wasn’t raining which was nice too but not as much fun. As for Triang – there’s a name to conjure with. i had a Triang tricycle which my father bought on account for £7 he said in 1956, and never got the invoice so never paid for it. that was the nearest I ever got to wheeled travel until I was about ten and then had a lovely red scooter which I still possess. and that was it. never rode a bike, don’t dirve a car.
    oh, youve really set me off with this post! Thanks, Keep well.

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