#2020PhotoChallenge – May

Unaccustomed as I am and late to the game anyway…
But then again, why not?
#2020PhotoChallenge as set out by TRAVEL WORDS Adventures and Postcards from the road: https://traveltalk.me.uk/2020-photo-challenge/
May’s challenge is; Being Creative with Light.
I think I’m still in May, just – anyway, not so much being creative as just being in the right place at the right time.

Was there something about the number of photos to be submitted?
Maybe there was, maybe I should have paid more attention…
Ah well, nearly June 😉 

2 thoughts on “#2020PhotoChallenge – May

  1. No limit to photos Tony and yes it is still May! A lovely selection of creativity here; my particular favourite is the reflections on the wet cobbles. And the trees. I do like trees. Thank you for joining me this month 😀
    Jude xx

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