Ommadawn morning

We’ve found a new wireless station to listen to, The Acid Flashback, and what a splendid station it is, and oh my worm, they do play some good stuff. Listening this morning they played side one of Ommadawn. I lay there in bed transfixed, Ommadawn by Mike Oldfield.

Do you remember when we first “discovered” Tubular Bells? How we played it endlessly on Sunday mornings? Three, four, five times in a row? Come on, it can’t have been just me, can it?

Pre-internet, pre-music streaming, you had to have a physical copy of the album because let’s face it, if you had a friend who taped it for you, that tape was never as good as listening to the vinyl, was it? You had to have the album or know somebody who had it and then borrow it or get invited round to listen to it. Does that still happen? Do people still go to their friends’ houses with a few albums under their arms and have a listening session? Hopefully people still do, with CDs or music files on USB flash drives but I think the answer is probably no, they don’t and more’s the pity.

The last time I can remember being invited round to listen to something was in the 1980s, it wasn’t to listen to anything specific, we just used to take some records along and have a record playing session.

Some years before that, in the early 70s  a friend of mine, Stephen or maybe Steven Barber told me that I just had to come round to his place, his parents place that is, and listen to an album he’d just recently bought. We sat in his bedroom and he played the album on his Dansette.

I remember being interested by the cardboard cut-out trinkets that were on offer, on offer but not actually offered, the badges, the moustache, the stripes… yes, it was Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. I have to admit, most of the music just washed over me, maybe with the exception of A Day In The Life. Now of course it’s a dufferent matter and my album collection wouldn’t be complete without Sgt. Pepper.

Back to Ommadawn though, Oldfield’s third album; living in the long shadow of Tubular Bells and to some extent of Hergest Ridge but Ommadawn, what a marvellous, melodic, musical, miscellany it is; Tubular Bells was perhaps a hard act to follow but Hergest Ridge and Ommadawn are certainly no pale imitations riding on the coattails of Bells. It certainly set my mood for the day. Happy Sunday all.

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