Children of the Sun

So, um, poetry again…
I wrote this somewhere around the mid to late 1970s, probably between 1974 and 1978; I can’t pin it down to a more accurate date, but it would have been around that time.
I have a “portfolio” of these things, all neatly typed up, yes, typed with a real live typewriter, or as neatly typed as I could type back in those days, and some have dates on them and some don’t, this one didn’t.

Children of the Sun

Children of all stars,
playing here together.
Children of all stars, although wispy tears we gather,
we live.
To pass the altar of grief,
To circle the love we seek.

Children of the sun,
playing in the shadows.
Children of the sun,
in the passing of the hours,
we move,
through celestial arc,
just circles around our skies.

Children in the sun,
we play, we pay.
Children in the sun,
we pray and prey.
we love,
through all and beyond reasonings.
Weave circles; look, we’ve circles.

We are all only children of the sun,
living in our shadows.
Children of the starlight,
living out our hours.
We are,
beyond all divine calling.
Circles ever up and falling.

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