Was Power Led Astray.

Again, it’s tempting to re-write these, but this is just how I wrote it in 1977.
“Where’er” indeed!

Was Power Led Astray

Where’er the shadowy footsteps trod,
Upon the consecrated ground of a forgotten god,
Did dust fall disturbed from age old slumber,
With echoing steps like distant thunder.

Long ago from the steps of the citadel,
Strode forth the hope of a new life.
From ages spent in a rotting hell,
Rose dreams of conquered strife.

In all the hallowed halls of fame,
Such workings were not seen.
And there, past heroes all had been,
To wipe away past blame.

In such a shining hour as this,
Was glory led astray.
The stone of temples laid in bliss,
Stand crumbling to this day.

The shine is gone from the book bound brass,
The finest woodwork lies burnt on the grass,
And in all this desolate place you find,
Testament to the folly of the human mind.

OK, it’s a tad pretentious I guess, that’s what came from listening to bands like Yes and Rush I suppose.

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