Mars Attracts!

Chemtrails, depositing biological agents to control our minds.
£350 million a week for the NHS.
Every time a ‘celebrity’ program appears on the telly and you sit there trying to figure out who these ‘celebrities’ are.
UK will ‘prosper mightily’ even without a Brexit deal.
Microchips in vaccines.
Dominic Cummings didn’t break lockdown rules.
The Earth is flat (and sits atop four elephants who in turn are standing on the shell of a tortoise).
Your call is important to us.
Everyone’s excited about Meghan’s news.
Our best ever deal!
I’ll get right back to you.

I’ve heard a lot of guff recently but this one tops them all.

This photo, above, purports to show NASA’s latest toy being lowered onto the surface of the red planet. Now, I’m no astrophysicist rocket scientist but I was in my garden last night and Mars was UP in the sky, UP, UP THERE, A.B.O.V.E.
How in the blue blazes then can this new rover be LOWERED onto the surface? Huh? Am I missing something?

And the surface it’s being lowered onto, whatever it is, isn’t even red! It’s a sort of mucky brown/grey. I don’t think I’ll ever trust the media agia…

Oh look, a Kardashian!

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