Katowice, tying up some loose ends.

It occurred to me that my previous post, ‘The third time I went to Katowice…’ was one of three posts I’ve written at various times about the same week I’d spent in Poland. I went to Racibórz via Katowice to go to a wedding.

After the wedding I spent a day in Racibórz and then returned to Katowice to spend a few days mooching about there, eating zapiekanki in the rynek, went to Chorzów for a walk in the Silesian Park, and to Bytom to travel on an old tram. I then left Katowice and travelled to Inowrocław for the 10th edition of the Ino-Rock Festival where I was eaten alive by mosquitoes and nearly missed my flight back home to England from Poznań.

Yeah, it was a good week.
Anyway, here are the three parts in the order that they happened, not in which they were written.

Part 1: The third time I went to Katowice…

Part 2: A walk in the park.

Part 3: Inowrocław, the journey home.

To finish off, there is also a small appreciation of a small part of Katowice that I had written before any of the above had happened:

Katowice, Jewel of the South?

The first time I’d been there I was not really impressed, the second time I’d been there I missed the bus from the airport and it put me in a mildly bad mood, but suddenly Katowice spoke to me, and I liked what it said.

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