Wheelbarrow Walkman

In the early 1980s three of my friends and I ’emulated’ the then new Sony Walkman devices by placing a large reel to reel tape recorder in a wheelbarrow with a 12 V lead-acid battery and an inverter to produce the requisite ac voltage to power the tape recorder. We then plugged 4 pairs of headphones into the audio output and walked the thing along Berkhamsted high street listening to a very wobbly rendition of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon.

Sadly, no photographs exist to substantiate this outrageous claim, but ah, what memories…

3 thoughts on “Wheelbarrow Walkman

  1. Oh yes…..at a similar time, 1982 I think it was, I went for a walk around Chesham with a wheelbarrow in which I had installed a 12Volt car battery, a CB radio and a mag mount aerial…..talking to local CBers from my “mobile” set up a good few years before I could drive a car. If only I had thought to walk over to Berko with it and meet up with those crazy “wheelbarrow Walkman” lads.

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