The Revolution Will Not Be Televised, by Gil Scott-Heron.
I first heard this poem/song many years ago, I didn’t catch who it was by, I just heard it and thought; Yeah, I quite like that… It’s one of those songs that whilst you like it, it sort of slips through the grasp of memory until the next time you hear it.

Recently on Radio Caroline they played a song by somebody and again I didn’t catch their name but that song ‘sampled’ bits of The Revolution Will Not Be Televised, and before I drifted off into the realms of slumber that night, for it was at night that I was listening, I made a mental note to look-up who the original song was by.

Gil Scott-Heron, a name I’d heard of but alas couldn’t really tell you the whats, wheres and whys of, so I did some digging around and now I’m up to speed with mister Scott-Heron or at least more than I was.

Now, some of you may probably – and quite rightly – be aghast that Gil Scott-Heron has slipped so stealthily past my musical radar. What can I say? We ply our musical courses, some of us more steadfast than others. I’ve always thought that my musical boundaries were somewhat lax and open to new input, and I’ve been listening to more work by Gil Scott-Heron. Not all of it is what I would normally consider to be ‘my bag’ but having said that, some of it definitely is.
Another door has opened.

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