The Legend of KARCHAN

The extra verses that I alluded to at the end of this piece have been rediscovered and the Legend of Karchan in its entirety can be found here:
Son of The Legend of KARCHAN, part two, Rides Again!

I threatened to post this a while back, (Poetry again… February 2021) well, here it is…
All the way from 1977, I present to you, The Legend of KARCHAN.
23/10/1977 is helpfully typed at the top of the page, any other help is sadly lacking.
I wanted to write something, anything I think, and make a long piece out of it. I think I reasoned that if the story was translated from some obscure language, the minutiae wouldn’t have to make too much sense as long as the overall picture was visible.

And of course, I’d been listening to too much progressive rock…

Well, anyway, here it is.
What’s it all about? You tell me.      No, please, tell me. 🙂

The Legend
As told in the chronicles
from the second era

Translated as closely as possible
from the original DIOJEZ scripts


Karchan, born deep in oppression,
Was moved by a dream of affinity,
His mental capacity held high, in anticipation.
“Karchan,” his home called,
“Karchan, you must strive for attainment,
forget not your past,
forget not your purpose,
forge us a new road.”
And Karchan rested in his people,
and as borne to heights of power,
invested unto him from ancient stories
And while Karchan was still young,
He would climb the mountains,
and look to the oppressors mighty Citadel.
and the grey iron towers.
and he heard the moans of his captured people.
Now as Karchan grew
he was afforded powers,
Kept long in books.
awaiting a shining soul
To accept their purpose.


The people of any place,
all know their rights and wrongs,
and all respect their surroundings
The people that bore Karahan,
Knew long the mountains,
not far from their homes.
The mountains had sheltered the village
from storms and dissuaded wild animals,
and were deeply respected by the people,
who showed Karahan to the mountains,
in their true light.
and Karchan as he grew,
Also respected the mountains,
and no longer vainly climbed their majesty,
but climbed them only to find inspiration,
from their warm sun-baked stone.

Soon it became known to the oppressors,
That a new mystic power,
was forming in the mountains.
This was Karchan developing,
Using the mountains to express his thoughts of freedom.
The oppressors saw this and made to put an end,
To notions of freedom.
and with great fire and white light of power,
Laid flat the mountains,
and exposed a vast desert of despair.

Then, gathering on the resources of all his time,
Karchan set out for the citadel of his oppressors


Silent as moonlight,
Karchan moved to conflict,
Drawing on the power of his mind.
Prepared in the mountains,
and because of this he had become,
part of the mountains.
So realising, Karchan took form from thought,
Conceiving, from the air, the mountains,
Holding low over the citadel.
Karchan moved to enter the mind,
Of his oppressors.
and here, faced with power,
Equal to his own,
Karchan let go the mountains
which seizing opportunity,
formed power in their stone,
To retain their own form,
then called to Karchan,
“Karchan, your purpose, remember.”
But Karchan’s mind was all but used
In containing his oppressors.
and the mountains,
not possessing mind of great power,
fell from the sky,
from where Karchan had reformed them ,
Onto the citadel


Karchan’s monument stood
In the mountains.
Karchan’s dream was realised
he had become one with the mountains
and the oppressors were gone.

the people of who Karchan was borne
Gave thanks to the sun
and walked upright in the face of strangers
Giving to all,
Accounts of Karchan’s sacrifice to freedom.

but in the mountains,
Stirred the spirit of Karchan’s soul
craving a new road to follow
and gaining ever new strength from time,
set forth from the mountains,
In form of mind,
and floated into the mind of the Universe
receiving all giving forces,
unto powers of good.
Forging new roads in his mind,
Karchan, the spirit of freedom,
heard of places, of no love,
Virgin fields of sorrow.
cast upon with death.
so, taking powers of love,
and purpose of freedom,
Karchan set about his new task.

Be at peace, Karchan.

Karchan, stop and sense around you,
here you may be if you will it so.
Here we may play,
In the greenness so,
Undefiled fields of my pleasure.
Consider Karchan, whose to see here.
your burning drive, unseeing devotion,
Powered as if no emotion,
Grows here to us right or wrong. Your glory hunger grows, I know,
but I am weak to love you so.
Karchan, stay your warrior seed,
Sleep with my dream,
Place my seed in your garden heart,
Let me grow within you,
I can fill your inner sense.

I can love you so
To see trees, love the sky,
To hear flowers, sing our praise,
and we could know a face in the stars.
Strike a facet of my life Karchan,
Gently, only to me,
Scatter my fragments,
Lightly upon your soil

Look, Karchan,
as you survey the land,
From your lofty mountain peak.
Look deeply into my eyes and be rested.
Karchan, lay down aggression.
Gently lay in my fields of pleasure,
Karchan, be at peace.

Um… yeah…
While I’m writing this, I’m still in two minds about actually posting it.

As I’ve been transcribing this from my original typed copies, I do remember that I had intended the last ‘verse’ to be a dialogue by another entity that I was going to introduce into the story, a love interest if you will. It was going to be “Someone or other’s Song: Be at peace, Karchan.”
Maybe that typed sheet is still here somewhere, lying around waiting to be re-discovered – I’ll let you know…    or you could send money and I’ll just forget the whole thing 😀

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