Old paintings

Just before Christmas I received a package from an old girlfriend; a slim, slightly bigger that A3 paper size, package. Inside were a handful of paintings that I had done way back in the 1970s.

She had been having a bit of a clear-out and had found the package on the top of a wardrobe. I had no idea these paintings still existed, in fact I’d forgotten all about them until I opened the package and there they were. Linda said that she just couldn’t bring herself to throw them away, so she had passed them back to me.

One of these paintings, acrylic on cartridge paper, I had called “Gates” and I’d be lying if I said that I hadn’t been influenced by William Neal’s artwork for the cover of Emerson Lake & Palmer’s 1971 album, Pictures at an Exhibition.

This morning I sat at my computer and though I’d have a go at reproducing “Gates” in a digital medium.

What do you think?

For the sake of completeness, here are the other three paintings.
“Twin trees”
“In the cold light of day”
All dating from 1977.

I found it both rewarding and embarrassing to suddenly be presented with these paintings, a lot of water under the bridge and all that, but this is part of who I am I suppose.

2 thoughts on “Old paintings

  1. I prefer the original acrylic “Gates” although the digital version has it’s own appeal especially the moon.

    Does Linda still yawn automatically if she sees anyone else yawning? 🙂 I tested her on that many times…probably much to her annoyance.

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