Arty-farty photo.

In the 1980’s, being arty-farty with 35 mm film wasn’t impossible, but it was tricky.
This image below is deliberately double exposed in an effort to be the aforementioned arty-farty. You had to take one exposure then, after winding the film forward to reset the shutter, wind the film back hoping that you didn’t wind it too far or too little and then make another exposure.

I’ve only recently rediscovered this image. In the folder holding the prints and negatives the print from that negative was missing and I suspect the processing lab back in 1983 didn’t print it thinking that it was a ruined shot but luckily, I still have the negatives.

The person in the photo is my sister Liz and I had quite forgotten about this attempt to be creative but having recently bought myself a little scanner thing-ummy-bob to scan 35 mm negatives, I’ve been wading through negatives and wallowing in nostalgia.
It’s all rather too easy these days with the likes of PaintShop and Photoshop but back in the day you had to be a little crafty.

2 thoughts on “Arty-farty photo.

  1. Great fun. I did lots of that sort of thing too. Do you still have the circuit board? It looks like part of a Hi-Fi Receiver.

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