Coca-Cola saves the universe again, read all about it…

We’re the cosmic generation,
We’re. really into exploitation,
We’re the cosmic generation!

In town hall cellars,
All across the land.
The folk movement is being crushed,
By the tightening punk hand.
There’s no doubt about it,
You don’t have to sing,
You can shout it.
But we’re the cosmic generation,
We’re gonna take a stand.

Cosmic generation, cosmic exploitation,
Psychedelic inspiration, we’re the cosmic generation!

Commercial instigation,
Rock ‘n’ roll salvation„
Heavy metal rejuvenation,

You gotta admit it,
We’re being very bland.
As long as you pay the money,
We’re just another band.
We could sing but we’ll shout it,
We don’t give a damn,
About it.
We’ d like to grow long hair,
But we don’t understand.

Cosmic generation, massive exploitation,
Comic situation, we’re the cosmic generation!

And they don’t care…

I wrote Cosmic Generation as a song; I didn’t have any music for it, but I felt that it had a certain rhythm, maybe a certain beat.

Interesting to see that I’d used a four dot “Star Wars” ellipsis, I guess that being there on the big screen gave it some sort of authoritative weight.

As to the poem/song itself, what was I thinking?
I did like Folk music, still do but I remember that I really didn’t like Punk. This was 1978, the previous year the band Yes had released their eighth studio album, “Going For The One” which contained the wonderful, fifteen minute mini-epic, if that’s not an oxymoron – wait, I think it is… um, the fifteen minute epic, “Awaken.” Yes, of course, being a Progressive Rock band, not Folk but there are certainly elements of Prog/Folk cross-over in their music.

And now I’m thinking that fifteen minutes isn’t really “Epic” territory, is it? Still, when the music came on vinyl records that maxed just over twenty minutes per side, maybe fifteen minutes was indeed “Epic.”

Why Coca-Cola? I don’t know really, it seemed that there were always Coke adverts on the box. As it happens, my cola of choice is Pepsi. 😉

Awaken by Yes from their 1977 album, Going For The One.

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