The Additive.

Teenage poetry.
This one has a date, 13th August 1977 which, the internet reliably informs me was a Saturday.
The original title that I’d written down was ‘The Ad,itive’ but I thought that it looked a bit too, um… you know.
I’d obviously been overdosing on telly adverts and thinking about Carol who I’d met back in February that year.
Ah, Carol, I wonder where you are now?
I wonder where I am sometimes… 😉

The Additive

“The word,” said the girl with the body,
“The word is here.”
and I knew it was my aftershave she was after,
as she nibbled at my ear.
Her hair as she turned,
was caught for a moment in the light,
simply sensational, she smiled,
and I could see her toothpaste showed.
Then she held out her hand to me,
offering to wash my sins,
whiter and away.

I tried so hard to believe,
as she turned once more to leave,
that she would be the right one,
the bright light one,
who would add life anywhere.
Then as she finally turned to walk away,
I knew she’d be back again someday.
“The word,” she said, as she waved good-bye,
“The word,” she said,
“Is Levi’s”

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