Thanks to my good friend Kerry Thorpe, I grew into the school of Prog whilst still in Middle School, but my path was not as delineated by Prog as one might imagine.

Me and Kerry at the National Railway Museum in York, September 2011

Dateline: Christmas 1978.
Boney M were riding high in the charts, and I was at a loss for Christmas present ideas for my sisters, so as I knew they all liked Boney M, I decided to buy them the album, Nightflight to Venus, to be shared and enjoyed by all three of them – call me a skinflint if you will but that’s how it was. We all lived in the same house and there were a limited number of record players, just two if memory serves.

Sometime later the next year when my sisters had played the album to death, I chose my moment and gave the thing a listen to in its entirety and I had to grudgingly admit, to myself, that it was quite good…
But don’t spread that story about. 😉

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