October on, Octoberon.

‘Octoberon’ is the seventh studio album by the band Barclay James Harvest, and it was released on October 1st, 1976. In support of the album the band toured in the UK during October and November of that year. On October 17th, 1976 they played at The Pavilion in Hemel Hempstead and I was there.

Barclay James Harvest tended to use a butterfly motif in one form or another in their album artwork, I say, ‘tended to’ because their 1974 release ‘Everyone Is Everybody Else’ didn’t feature a butterfly but the artwork for the album Octoberon certainly did and I reproduce it below. Along with photos of the tour programme. Check out the ticket price, £1.65!

What a fab cover, the printing is embossed giving the impression of a mother of pearl, stained glass window, if that could ever be a thing. I love it!

Back in the day I had that design on a t-shirt, I must have bought the t-shirt at the gig I suppose, I don’t remember because it was a fair few years ago now but I do remember that I had the t-shirt.

I must have looked a proper narna in my flared jeans and brushed denim jacket sporting an unruly mop of curly, for it was curly back then, ginger/strawberry blond hair and the whole ensemble set off with the Octoberon tour t-shirt.

And yet, if I could go back…

A proper narna, now there’s grounds for a dispute.
Popular opinion, in the form of several Google searches, has it that in this sense it’s spelled ‘nana’ but pronounced as if it had a letter ‘r’ in it, you know just like us soft southerners say Barth and Carstle and Grarss.

Anyway, I’ve opted to spell it ‘narna’ to avoid being identified as a grandmother and yes, I chose ‘spelled’ over ‘spelt’ to avoid any confusion with Triticum spelta.

Tricky old thing this writing lark.

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