Is no news good news?

When the person on the morning news program says, “And now the news, travel and weather where you are.”

I look out of the window.
The weather seems quite nice, a little chill but sunny.
The road looks empty apart from the parked cars so there’s not much to report about travel.
News? Well, no news is good news, or so they say.

And then they proceed to tell me about what’s happening in central London.
I thought they said, “…where you are”.

Hastily cobbled together photo of local Chesham news

Not that I’ve got anything against London, by and large, but I don’t live in it, I live out here on the north-western extremity of the Tube map.

I’m often left non-plussed by the TV news, there must be so much going on in a country of nearly seventy million people yet unless there has been some truly national or international goings on, all the news has to tell us is carefully curated snippets of this and that and then they seem to devote inordinate amounts of time to the latest series of Strictly Come Celebrity Bake-off on Ice in the Jungle which is, let’s face it, not news.

I’m not talking about a bit of disruption down the road because the water people are out to fix a leaky pipe but surely there must be news, newsworthy goings-on, by the score in towns and villages up and down the country.

When they say that they are going to tell me about what’s happening where I am, is it unreasonable to expect to hear about something that is happening or has happened in one of the many local towns and villages nearby?

Beaconsfield, Princes Risborough, St. Albans, Rickmansworth, Watford, Apsley, High Wycombe, Wendover, Berkhamsted, Tring, Aylesbury, Potten End, Great Missenden, Prestwood, Little Chalfont, Chorleywood, Kings Langley, Amersham, Holmer Green, Hazelmere, and Cholesbury are just a few of the local places and all much closer than Central London and they are seriously saying that absolutely nothing has happened in these places?

No heart-warming, tit-bit or some useful information about a fete or something? No news about a new shop opening or a high street under threat or some hotly contested local planning application?

Am I living in a dream world?
Are my expectations too high?

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