Part of the 48.

I wrote this in January 2017, something was going on in the news, something a bit silly as I recall and a friend of mine had posted something on Facebook about a Supreme Court decision, Parliament, ministers and democracy. I replied with this little ditty.

It all seems so far away now; did we ever take back control?

Cameron promised us a referendum.
Europe, Brexit and Boris ad nauseam.
Farage was there but oh where is he now?
I feel slightly cheated, please explain how…

The Government says “Yes” but some disagree.
Supreme Court appeal says we’ll see what we see.
Parliament must give the go-ahead, Wow!
What happens now oh what will happen now?

When the vote bites, plebiscite yikes!
When I’m feeling sad,
I remember I’m part of the 48,
But still, I don’t feel so great.

To the tune of ‘My Favourite Things’ if you hadn’t already guessed… 😉

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