Duvet? Duvet heck as like!

During the recent-ish hot weather back in July, the duvet was consigned to the spare room.
We slept under a single cotton sheet, even that single sheet wasn’t needed but it’s just nice to be under something, we have become accustomed to it I suppose.

Then the weather got back to ‘normal’ but instead of reinstating the duvet, I suggested just using an empty duvet cover on top of the cotton sheet.

Going into September, that combination was supplemented by an open weave blanket, which for years had lived in the back of the car as a standby picnic blanket.

As the weather has further cooled, we have now added a ‘throw’ or counterpane. Listen, I’m hot stuff you see, and well into late Autumn I’d be throwing the duvet back to cool down a bit during the night, but this four-layer combination seems to work very well.

All that’s missing now is a paisley patterned, quilted eiderdown and we’re back to the 1960s!

One thought on “Duvet? Duvet heck as like!

  1. You referenced the three hot weeks that July served up for us. As luck would have it we were basking in the sunshine on Insula Vectis at that very time. We had booked a caravan in a very sheltered position nestling just by HMPs Albany & Parkhurst. Picture skew it weren’t!
    That caravan would have been like a tin oven, but luckily the owner had had the foresight to install an air-conditioning unit. Bless his cotton socks.

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