Any excuse.

Written in November 1978, I intended this as a sort of tumbling stream of consciousness. When I wrote it I was torn between using and not using punctuation but in the end I conformed and included commas and full stops. This time however, here in the 21st century, I’m going out on a limb and not using punctuation.
How edgy is that, eh? 😀

Any Excuse

Songs without music
Repeated rhyme
Sad reflections
In metre and time
Poems recounting
Dreams and drift off again
Mountains and emotion
Fountains and the ocean
Unrequited life and love
Madrigals with no rebuff
Winds of change
The twinge of pain
Rhyming strain
And all such ethereal stuff
As light and autumn mornings
The whisper of the wind
The shortcomings of going
The cost of being kind
Time and metre
In reflections sad
Rhymes repeated
Songs without music
Devices for delving
Into innermost thought
Phrases for blessing
Such visions as ought
Music without ideas
Seeking to right all wrongs
And singers searching
For lost songs

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