Love Byte.

Love Byte

My love, the wires are warm tonight,
and she sees me.
My love flows and she knows,
my love, and always programmed so.
The wires are warm tonight,
but emotions are within permissible limits,
and we might yet touch.

We might smile, we might yet touch.
And I see her.
She’s calculated, she says,
finely calibrated, there’s no other way.
The wires are warm tonight.
On my VDU, a display of you,
and we might yet touch.

I offered her hardware, software.
She entered my memory.
My love knows and she flows,
data inputs accepting, lights glow.
The wires are warm tonight.
Registered, recorded, held tight.
I processed my love byte.

Enter my software underneath the bough,
solid state memory input and thou.

The second “electrical” poem alluded to in the previous post. I have no firm date for this, but it will be around 1977/78. Good heavens, look! I’ve paraphrased a couple of lines from the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam! I’ll let you decide which lines but come on, they’re not too difficult to spot.

Although… (spoiler alert) shouldn’t “thou” be “thee”?
I suppose old Omar knew what he was doing, ah, but he wasn’t writing in English was he?
Thou, thee, let’s not get bogged down in the nitty-gritty mire of grammar, eh? 😉

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