I Wish It Was Yesterday.

The second “blues” poem referred to in the previous post. Again, I don’t have a firm date for it but it’s going to be circa 1976/78. I’d been pouring through “Writings and Drawings”, a book of poetry, song lyrics and drawings by the august mister Robert Zimmerman and being young and impressionable some of it had rubbed off on me.

I Wish It Was Yesterday

I woke up today,
but it was yesterday in my brain.
I got up too late,
felt like it was yesterday in my brain.
I went out alone today,
how I wish it was yesterday.

My boots don’t fit right,
but they were snug ‘n’ comfy yesterday.
My shoes are hurtin’,
pinching my toes today.
An’ I’m walking up the street,
could have ridden in style yesterday.

The wind’s blowin’ cold,
blowin’ my hair in my eyes.
That wind sure is cold today,
keeps blowin’ my hair in my eyes.
Sometimes I could stop ‘n’ cry,
keep wishing it was yesterday.

Gotta’ stop to eat,
but the meat fillin’ dropped outa’ my pie.
Gotta’ eat something soon,
wish I could eat pie in the sky.
Eating beef and roast and the like,
yesterday it all seemed so right.

It’s raining down on me,
my hat is gettin’ wet.
There’s a hard rain fallin’ on me,
my clothes are gettin’ wet too.
When the sun was shinin’ yesterday,
laid around with nothin’ to do.

My life was well ordered yesterday,
I lived in peace ‘n’ all.
I sang them Dylan songs,
my soul I called my own.
Now the devil owns my soul,
hey where did I go wrong?

I keep yellin’ at the people,
they pretend not to notice me.
Well, I keep callin’ to the people,
they wish I’d go away.
I’ve been doing a lot of talking,
yesterday I didn’t have much to say.

Well, I’ve used up most of the day,
the time kept slippin’ away.
I’ve used up most of today,
an’ I found a lot to say.
but I can’t help wishing,
that it was yesterday.

Yesterday I was happy,
today, well it brought me sorrow.
yesterday I was really happy,
but today was filled with sorrow.
Have you gotta’ few hours you could lend me?
‘Cause pretty soon it’ll be tomorrow.

Well, today is nearly over,
yesterday I was in clover.
And today is nearly gone,
yesterday I was at home.
Now I’ve got no place to stay,
how I wish it was yesterday.

And because, as I’ve mentioned elsewhere, the original intention of “A Point of Views” was to be a collection of writing and drawings/photos (I wonder where I got that idea from?), here are a couple of photographs.

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