Norn Iron is in an unbelievably special position so it is.

Did you see that Rishi Sunak the other day in that soft drink canning plant in Norn Iron? Rishi said, and I quote:

“Northern Ireland is in the unbelievably special position, unique position in the entire world, European continent in having privileged access not just to the UK home market, which is enormous, fifth biggest in the world, but also the European Union single market, nobody else has that, no one. Only you guys only here, and that is the prize. I can tell you when I go round the world and talk to businesses, they, that, you know, they know that, they like, that’s interesting if you guys get this sorted then we want to invest in Northern Ireland because nowhere else does that exist. That’s like the world’s most exciting economic zone…”

Oh, Rishi, Rishi…
If only there was some mechanism by which all of the home countries of the UK, Wales, Scotland and even England could be so fortunate. To be able to have “privileged access” not only to the UK Market but the EU market as well! Just imagine that, eh? To be living right next door to the biggest trading bloc on the planet and have “privileged access” to it.

Ah, the stuff that economic dreams are made of. And imagine this, that maybe, just maybe the folk living in the UK had freedom of movement within the EU and folk in the EU had freedom of movement within the UK. wouldn’t that be great? Just imagine all those EU workers coming here and manning our industries, working in our fields, working in our health service. I mean, it’s not too much of a leap to imagine that, is it?

I’ve heard that we are terribly undermanned in all sorts of areas. Just imagine what could be achieved if there was freedom of movement and privileged access to markets between the whole of the UK and the EU.

But it’s just a dream, right? Or did it really happen once upon a time?

Bitter about Brexit?
You bet your John Bull waistcoat I am!

I’m not saying that the EU is perfect by any means, it’s not, it needs work like all good things do but my word, look at the state that the dear old UK is in now without it.

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