Six books on the go!

I've given up looking at Facebook. For the time being. "Yeah, right." I hear you say. No, really, I have. Today is day eight of not looking at Facebook. The other morning I'd put the TV news on, and I sat there idly scrolling. Putin is waging war against the ordinary folk of Ukraine, there'd … Continue reading Six books on the go!

Chesham Morning.

With apologies to Joni Mitchell… Woke up, it was a Chesham morning, and the first thing that I heard, was that noisy prick on a moped, and I mouthed a few choice words, and he came tearing up the road, at well over 30 miles an hour. Won't you go away, you've ruined my day, … Continue reading Chesham Morning.

Airfix kits, metaphysics and aeronautical engineering; in no particular order.

So yes,"projects cupboard". It's somewhere to store-up things for the future. Maybe you have a "projects cupboard" but not a physical thing on a wall, maybe you, like me, store intentions for future perusal. I have a list in my head of course, things that I would like to do, things that I tell myself that I must do but I also have this little cupboard with some projects in it. It's a comforting feeling to know that come the appropriate "rainy day" I have a little project to dabble in.

What is it about death?

What is it about death? There was a time when we didn’t exist and there will come a time when we no longer exist. I’m paraphrasing there, some vaguely remembered quotation. Is it that this tenuous grip that we have on life is so addictive that we don’t want to let go? Let's be rational … Continue reading What is it about death?