A Point of Views?
Yes, a views point. A point from where there is more than one view. That’s the title I chose for my collection of poetry, writings and pictures back in the 1970’s; some examples of the poetry can be found in this blog under the tag “A Point of Views.”

When I started this blog, it was called “A Polish Odyssey and Other Stories” as I thought I’d write a bit about my impressions of, and adventures in Poland and sprinkle a few other observations about.

In early 2020, travelling got a bit problematical and as I haven’t been to Poland since late 2019, I’ve veered towards Other Stories and some of the poetry that I wrote for my putative book “A Point of Views.”

It was going to be a book?
Well, yes, that was my intention, my fanciful idea; a book of poetry and prose augmented with examples of my artwork and photography.

Then adult life kicked in and creativity took a back seat but was not entirely forgotten. I’d kept hold of all the poems I’d written, carefully typed out on an old typewriter. Not much of my artwork has survived the journey though, I have a handful of paintings, acrylic on board, but the many pencil sketches that I produced have succumbed to the hands of time.

Most of the poetry herein then was written in the 1970s but I did dabble a bit in later years.

The Polish Odyssey and Other Stories sections have a writing style that is, er, well, rambling I guess, probably incoherent and disjointed in places but hopefully entertaining.


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