Poetry again…

In the 1970s, when I was younger, so much younger than today, I wrote poetry. Some of it was short and sweet, some of it was lengthy, ponderous, and superciliously pretentious. In fact, most of it seemed to lean towards the pretentious. I typed out my musings on a typewriter, a portable typewriter. I've trawled … Continue reading Poetry again…

When they turn out the stars.

This hails from somewhere between August to December 1977. I found three revisions of this particular piece, so I've been a bit selective and chosen the one that I feel now, after all these years, makes more sense. One had lapsed into a remarkable state of pretentiousness and was going on about; "a five-dimensional expanding … Continue reading When they turn out the stars.

Was Power Led Astray.

Again, it's tempting to re-write these, but this is just how I wrote it in 1977. "Where'er" indeed! Was Power Led Astray Where'er the shadowy footsteps trod, Upon the consecrated ground of a forgotten god, Did dust fall disturbed from age old slumber, With echoing steps like distant thunder. Long ago from the steps of … Continue reading Was Power Led Astray.

Let’s talk poetry

Come this September I’ll have travelled sixty times around the sun, seemingly endlessly looping around the star as it in turn circumnavigates the galaxy which is itself wheeling through space on its own course. It’s enough to make you giddy. It is true though that the older you get the more you do realise that … Continue reading Let’s talk poetry