In Unread Words.

In Unread Words A sad and lonely poet, comes to the end of his rhyme. The suns and moons, of age, are passing, through the canyons of his mind. "We knew the way," he sadly cries, "we could have shown you life." "Your eyes I see are crying now, they dim your blood-stained knife." And … Continue reading In Unread Words.

The Additive.

Teenage poetry. This one has a date, 13th August 1977 which, the internet reliably informs me was a Saturday. The original title that I'd written down was 'The Ad,itive' but I thought that it looked a bit too, um… you know. I'd obviously been overdosing on telly adverts and thinking about Carol who I'd met … Continue reading The Additive.

Out of the Ecliptic.

Soldiers stare in poets' guise, shout bloody words at careless skies. Faces bowed are steeped in grief, and turn away from warrior and thief. Art ensnared in martial rule, followed by bloodlust thirsty fools. Teachers caught are sold and bought, preach manifestoes to the worth of naught. Mourning not another day, these people force my … Continue reading Out of the Ecliptic.

He is alive.

Some time later, when the street vendors had packed away their plastic crosses and crown of thorn hats, a small group of young people gathered under His cross and began to sing. It was a sad song, but no one looked as if they were sad at all. This continued for some time, then they … Continue reading He is alive.

An escape.

Sing to me                 no more. Talk not of love, save me the trouble, of trying again. Just leave me, to my books, my pictures, and my sad, lost lonely looks. No! Please                 no more. Not your anguish, spare me your trouble, your crying and pain. … Continue reading An escape.

Son of The Legend of KARCHAN, part two, Rides Again!

I posted a version of this back in January this year (2022) where I mused that I seemed to remember that I'd actually written more of it but couldn't find the extra pages. Well, lucky you because I found them, three more "verses". The original threat was here: (Poetry again…). The first version is here: … Continue reading Son of The Legend of KARCHAN, part two, Rides Again!

The Legend of KARCHAN

EDIT The extra verses that I alluded to at the end of this piece have been rediscovered and the Legend of Karchan in its entirety can be found here: Son of The Legend of KARCHAN, part two, Rides Again! I threatened to post this a while back, (Poetry again… February 2021) well, here it is… … Continue reading The Legend of KARCHAN