Staying at home 1: Drawing on memories.

A friend of mine on Facebook, in an effort to raise spirits during this time of enforced isolation, lockdown, call it what you will, suggested a "game" to partake in, she would choose a subject and we, not the Royal we but other friends, would then draw a picture illustrating in some way the chosen … Continue reading Staying at home 1: Drawing on memories.

Airfix kits, metaphysics and aeronautical engineering; in no particular order.

So yes,"projects cupboard". It's somewhere to store-up things for the future. Maybe you have a "projects cupboard" but not a physical thing on a wall, maybe you, like me, store intentions for future perusal. I have a list in my head of course, things that I would like to do, things that I tell myself that I must do but I also have this little cupboard with some projects in it. It's a comforting feeling to know that come the appropriate "rainy day" I have a little project to dabble in.