October on, Octoberon.

'Octoberon' is the seventh studio album by the band Barclay James Harvest, and it was released on October 1st, 1976. In support of the album the band toured in the UK during October and November of that year. On October 17th, 1976 they played at The Pavilion in Hemel Hempstead and I was there. Barclay … Continue reading October on, Octoberon.

Below the Salt, above Expectations.

We went to see Steeleye Span in concert at Chesham's Elgiva Theatre the other night, a small group of us. It was a fantastic concert. I didn't take any photos - yeah, I know, if there aren't photos on Facebook (or WordPress) then it never happened, right? I didn't take any photos because I was … Continue reading Below the Salt, above Expectations.

Baszta ProgFest, Ostrzeszów, 2019

Ostrzeszów is a town in the mid-south and west of Poland which has been extant since around the 1280s. In the 1300s King Kazimierz III The Great had a castle built in the town to serve in both a defensive and administrative role. The castle was essentially a rectangular brick enclosure, 27 metres by 39 … Continue reading Baszta ProgFest, Ostrzeszów, 2019

Come to Gdańsk they said… Part 1

Come to Gdańsk they said, it’ll be fun they said.Part 1, in which I go to Poznań and Wrocław then back to Poznan.Adventures in Poland, Polish beer and Polish progressive rock.   Thursday 17th October, 2019. 07:31 train out of Chesham, back on that strange conveyor belt;Chesham - Liverpool Street StationLiverpool Street Station – London … Continue reading Come to Gdańsk they said… Part 1

Marillion; not everybody’s cup of tea.

Let's face it, Marillion isn't everybody's cup of tea and when people hear that I'm a fan of Marillion they still ask about Fish. I'm sure some of them do it on purpose and some of them most likely do it because they heard about the band back in the eighties when they had singles … Continue reading Marillion; not everybody’s cup of tea.

From Albion to Albion

September 2018, I'm flying to Kraków, my bag is packed, I only have to get myself to the railway station and get on a train thus committing myself to the conveyor-belt that will deliver me to southern Poland. Most of the day before and well into the night it was very windy but now the … Continue reading From Albion to Albion

Music, drinks, people, flamingos – it happens in Łódź…

  Well, here's a thing… I started to write this much nearer the time it happened, back in November last year (2017) but, as I so often do, I wandered off-topic and produced a sprawling piece that even I couldn't understand and shelved it. A few days ago I went back to it and took … Continue reading Music, drinks, people, flamingos – it happens in Łódź…

Two Concert Weekend

On Friday 29th September I went to the London Palladium to see The Zombies performing their 50th Anniversary show of Odessey and Oracle, an album released in 1968 but recorded in 1967, hence the 50th anniversary. I was there with Marysia and Przemek, keyboards and guitar respectively in the Warsaw based band, Signal To Noise … Continue reading Two Concert Weekend

Inowrocław, the journey home.

Listening to information being broadcast over a railway station PA system is, in my experience, never an easy proposition, even if it is in a language in which you are fluent. Most, not all I grant you but most PA systems carry a certain amount of distortion, are too loud or too quiet and are … Continue reading Inowrocław, the journey home.