Heat of the Moment

It hit 31°C here yesterday, 31.4°C according to the Chesham Metdesk weather station down by the tennis club. The garden thermometer on the shed said 37°C, I was inclined to disagree with it. It's often inaccurate when the temperature is going up, on the way down it sems to get its act together and toe … Continue reading Heat of the Moment

How do I identify?

I was asked recently, amongst other things, if I identify as "White British". I smiled, the nurse smiled, and she said, "Yes, we have to ask that now…" "Hmmm," I said, "yes, I do." indicating that I did identify as such. I got jabbed and as I wasn't driving home, because home was only a … Continue reading How do I identify?

Staying at home 5: Is it all real? (Yes.)

42,632. “As of 5pm on 20 June, of those who tested positive for coronavirus in the UK, across all settings, 42,632 have died.” Source: http://www.gov.uk, 22 June 2020 The sun is shining once again, after a week or so of clouds and rain and the occasional thunderstorm. Looking up into the sky and watching the … Continue reading Staying at home 5: Is it all real? (Yes.)

Open letter to…

I got mad, I wrote to the Government, well, to my MP, expressing my dissatisfaction with the apparent lack of action being taken over the COVID-19 outbreak (see here: A memo to a higher office). Well, I wasn't expecting it but I received an answer later the same day, by email, thanking me for my … Continue reading Open letter to…

A memo to a higher office

Open letter to my Member of Parliament, The Right Honourable Dame Cheryl Gillan DBE FCIM DipM: Dear Dame Cheryl, I saw a "joke" on Facebook comparing all the steps that other countries are taking to combat the spread of the COVID-19 infection, the joke was in for form of a number of nations' flags with … Continue reading A memo to a higher office