Word processor.

At school in the 1970s I hit upon the brilliant idea of replacing the writing system, you know the one where you use the set of twenty-six letters to spell out words, with a system where you spelled out each letter in a word and grouped those spelled letters as 'words'. Brilliant idea? Well, when … Continue reading Word processor.

Living on bodhrán time

Thursday evenings at 20.00, we applaud the NHS, it’s the new normal. I’ve stood in the back garden, I’ve stood on the front porch, I've clapped, I've rung a bell. Yesterday evening I stood on the front doorstep and played a bodhran solo. My wrist hurts now... But it was worth it! Thank you NHS, … Continue reading Living on bodhrán time

My life in music.

Why can't real life be like a musical? Failing that, why can't we at least have incidental or background music to accompany our everyday lives? I, for one, would love to live in a musical, bursting into song for no apparent reason, skipping and dancing along the street. Wouldn't that be fun? Did any of … Continue reading My life in music.

Restaurants, Coffee and Pies

Restaurants Polish restaurants are wonderful, If you are dining out be prepared to be amazed, if you see something on the menu that you can’t pronounce, go ahead and order it anyway, your taste buds will love you for it. Sometimes the food can look a bit bland (I’m thinking pierogi here…) but believe me, … Continue reading Restaurants, Coffee and Pies