Another sunrise, another day…

Sunrise today at my current location was at 06.53, and at 07.36 the sun appeared over the trees and rooftops from my viewpoint. Sunrise is getting earlier by about 2 minutes per day at the moment and sunset is also correspondingly getting later resulting in almost 4 minutes more daylight each day. There is still … Continue reading Another sunrise, another day…

Child in Time

A bit of a rambling journey this and it starts with the subjectivity of musical appreciation. I was listening to the wireless this morning when without introduction, three notes played, the introduction to a song I have known and loved for many years. Music can be such a wonderful thing, three notes play and immediately … Continue reading Child in Time

The Vagaries of International Travel, a lone tree and a Cornish Pasty.

I almost went to Poland a month ago, almost... I was going to Łódź to see a band called "Beyond The Event Horizon", I'd just taken delivery of their latest, indeed their first album and was delighted to find out that as part of the tour promoting the album they were playing at Łódzki Dom … Continue reading The Vagaries of International Travel, a lone tree and a Cornish Pasty.

It’s another bright summer day in Kraków

About 35 km from the city of Katowice and 50 km from Kraków in the south west of Poland is a town called Oświęcim (think Osh-vyen-tchim). I went there last year (2016) and looking out from the windows of the mini-bus I was in it looks very much like any other part of small-town Poland. … Continue reading It’s another bright summer day in Kraków

Getting your work/life balance right

I work in an office where hardly anyone stops to take a proper tea or coffee break; sure, tea and coffee are available any time we like and people avail themselves of it but when it comes to taking the tea/coffee break that we are entitled to, I seem to be the only person. Maybe … Continue reading Getting your work/life balance right

Set the controls for the heart of the Sun

Further to my piece about things that you have to be in the right place at the right time to see...Yesterday as I was walking to work through the cemetery I stopped and looked behind me to look at the Sun. Not directly, never look directly at the Sun and now I've turned into a … Continue reading Set the controls for the heart of the Sun