Tuesday, 31st August 2021.

Woke up, it was a grey Tuesday. Went downstairs, brewed the tea, watched a few minutes of the (frankly depressing) news on TV. Took the tea upstairs for the customary half hour lie-in, listening to the wireless. It was just coming up to the hour and Radio Caroline had gone into commercials mode, so I … Continue reading Tuesday, 31st August 2021.

Below the Salt, above Expectations.

We went to see Steeleye Span in concert at Chesham's Elgiva Theatre the other night, a small group of us. It was a fantastic concert. I didn't take any photos - yeah, I know, if there aren't photos on Facebook (or WordPress) then it never happened, right? I didn't take any photos because I was … Continue reading Below the Salt, above Expectations.

Spicy Progressive Concierto Burger, anyone?

Musical appreciation, a blog piece in three parts at least, in which I digress... I know, I know, I've said it before but I'm jolly well going to say it again. Musical appreciation is hugely subjective. One person's Rib Eye Steak is another person's Tofu Burger. Speaking of which, which I don't believe I was … Continue reading Spicy Progressive Concierto Burger, anyone?

Don’t Look Now, Karen’s Gone To The Moon

Did you ever buy a record album purely on the strength of its cover artwork? I have, a number of times. Seeing a striking album cover and being almost compelled to buy the album with no idea of what kind of music you may be buying. There is always the notion that perhaps the music … Continue reading Don’t Look Now, Karen’s Gone To The Moon

Guilty pleasures, an occasional series. Robin Beck: First Time.

Let me just say that my cola of choice is Pepsi, however, when the mighty Coca-Cola Company released their 'First Time' advertisement in 1987 I had a sneaking liking for the tune and when Robin Beck released it as a single in 1988, sure, I bought it. Well, this morning it got played on the … Continue reading Guilty pleasures, an occasional series. Robin Beck: First Time.

Baszta ProgFest, Ostrzeszów, 2019

Ostrzeszów is a town in the mid-south and west of Poland which has been extant since around the 1280s. In the 1300s King Kazimierz III The Great had a castle built in the town to serve in both a defensive and administrative role. The castle was essentially a rectangular brick enclosure, 27 metres by 39 … Continue reading Baszta ProgFest, Ostrzeszów, 2019