Evening pursuits, pet.

Last Tuesday, I happened to be out in the garden and looked up at the crescent moon, a jetliner trailing a modest contrail was approaching from the east. The jet was heading for the crescent and looked as if it would pass directly in front of it. I considered for a fleeting moment whether or … Continue reading Evening pursuits, pet.

Chesham Morning.

With apologies to Joni Mitchell… Woke up, it was a Chesham morning, and the first thing that I heard, was that noisy prick on a moped, and I mouthed a few choice words, and he came tearing up the road, at well over 30 miles an hour. Won't you go away, you've ruined my day, … Continue reading Chesham Morning.

Arty-farty photo.

In the 1980's, being arty-farty with 35 mm film wasn't impossible, but it was tricky. This image below is deliberately double exposed in an effort to be the aforementioned arty-farty. You had to take one exposure then, after winding the film forward to reset the shutter, wind the film back hoping that you didn't wind … Continue reading Arty-farty photo.

Experimental poet

Flicking through the pages of the interweb the other day in one of those serendipitous ways that one does, I came across a website devoted to John “Hoppy” Hopkins who was, the website told me, "One of the best-known counterculture figures of London in the 1960’s, not just as a photographer and journalist, but as … Continue reading Experimental poet

Enterprise at Stansted

5th June 1983, 38 years ago today (at the time of writing this), the Space Shuttle approach and landing test vehicle OV-101 "Enterprise" visited Stansted Airport - way back before Stansted was the sprawling behemoth that we know and love today. Sometimes, when I tell people that a Space Shuttle visited Stansted I get "that … Continue reading Enterprise at Stansted

#2020PhotoChallenge – May

Unaccustomed as I am and late to the game anyway…But then again, why not?#2020PhotoChallenge as set out by TRAVEL WORDS Adventures and Postcards from the road: https://traveltalk.me.uk/2020-photo-challenge/ May’s challenge is; Being Creative with Light.I think I’m still in May, just - anyway, not so much being creative as just being in the right place at … Continue reading #2020PhotoChallenge – May

Flash, bang, wallop, what a picture!

The first camera I ever bought was an Olympus OM-1, I'd had cameras before, hand-me-downs, Kodak Instamatics with the cartridge film but the first camera I went out and chose for myself was the OM-1. I went to the local camera shop in Lower King's Road, Berkhamsted and handed over just in excess of £100.00, … Continue reading Flash, bang, wallop, what a picture!

Racibórz from under a red umbrella.

It was a rainy Saturday morning in Racibórz; later that day there was a beautiful wedding ceremony, two friends who I'd met separately a couple of years back had met each other. The rain eventually stopped. The day just got better and better. Edit. I wrote the above as a quirky excuse to use the … Continue reading Racibórz from under a red umbrella.

Set the controls for the heart of the Sun

Further to my piece about things that you have to be in the right place at the right time to see...Yesterday as I was walking to work through the cemetery I stopped and looked behind me to look at the Sun. Not directly, never look directly at the Sun and now I've turned into a … Continue reading Set the controls for the heart of the Sun