Staying at Home 4: Two books on the go.

I’ve got a new book.Mam nową książkę.And if anybody (not of Polish extraction) can pronounce książka or any of its myriad declensions, you have my heartfelt and well deserved respect. I sat out this morning and continued to read a book I’d started last week, “The Task and Other Poems”, a compilation of poems by … Continue reading Staying at Home 4: Two books on the go.

Sorry; I’m English…

In spite of the rich English heritage of simply speaking louder and slower to foreigners in some sort of vain hope that then they'll understand, for my Polish Odyssey I've actually tried to learn some Polish language. Two or three days into my very first trip to Poland I was studying the departures board at … Continue reading Sorry; I’m English…

Trainspotting in Horse Town. Part 2

Trainspotting in Horse Town - part 1. After the concert had finished I was led out of the auditorium and downstairs to a room underneath the stage, I think it was underneath the stage, I will admit to being a little disorientated but it was definitely underneath something. There was a bar and another smaller … Continue reading Trainspotting in Horse Town. Part 2

22½ hours in Inowrocław, part 2

(22½ hours in Inowrocław, part 1) As we walked on our way to the Summer Theatre, Basia explained to me that Inowrocław was only a small town and everywhere is close to everywhere else. Soon enough we were walking down streets that I recognised from a previous visit and as luck would have it, our … Continue reading 22½ hours in Inowrocław, part 2

22½ hours in Inowrocław, part 1

"Ino-Rock" is a one-day, rock music festival held on the last weekend in August in Inowrocław, Poland. I say one-day festival; it's an afternoon into the evening sort of affair, kicks-off about 16:00 and goes on until midnight. The venue is The Summer Theatre in Inowrocław (Teatr Letni w Inowrocławiu) and usually there are four … Continue reading 22½ hours in Inowrocław, part 1

Restaurants, Coffee and Pies

Restaurants Polish restaurants are wonderful, If you are dining out be prepared to be amazed, if you see something on the menu that you can’t pronounce, go ahead and order it anyway, your taste buds will love you for it. Sometimes the food can look a bit bland (I’m thinking pierogi here…) but believe me, … Continue reading Restaurants, Coffee and Pies