Tuesday, 31st August 2021.

Woke up, it was a grey Tuesday. Went downstairs, brewed the tea, watched a few minutes of the (frankly depressing) news on TV. Took the tea upstairs for the customary half hour lie-in, listening to the wireless. It was just coming up to the hour and Radio Caroline had gone into commercials mode, so I … Continue reading Tuesday, 31st August 2021.

Spicy Progressive Concierto Burger, anyone?

Musical appreciation, a blog piece in three parts at least, in which I digress... I know, I know, I've said it before but I'm jolly well going to say it again. Musical appreciation is hugely subjective. One person's Rib Eye Steak is another person's Tofu Burger. Speaking of which, which I don't believe I was … Continue reading Spicy Progressive Concierto Burger, anyone?

Kansas, I’ve a feeling we’re not in toto anymore.

I've just listened to two Kansas albums back to back; first, "The Prelude Implicit" from last year (2016) and then from 1974 their debut album, "Kansas". Listening to the two albums you'd hardly know that 42 years separates them. Both are full of verve and energy and also full of all that wonderful stuff which … Continue reading Kansas, I’ve a feeling we’re not in toto anymore.

Album Review, “On The Rebound” by Drifting Sun

Progressive Rock, "Prog". What is Prog? This is a very difficult question to answer. Initially I would say it's songs that are more than just; verse - chorus - verse - chorus - verse. Songs and pieces of music with tricky beats and time signatures; songs and pieces of music that are structured differently to … Continue reading Album Review, “On The Rebound” by Drifting Sun

The quality of music is not strained. It rumbles as the gentle train to Chesham.

At one point I realised that I had a great big foolish grin on my face. I was singing along, even to the Italian songs, well, as much as I could remember. I was carried away with the euphoria of it all. This was the music I had listened to on my trusty Dansette all those years ago. This was the music I loved.