A letter from North Wales.

A letter to my mother. Blaenau Ffestiniog 13 - 7 - 86 I know you like getting letters, so here is one. Got up fairly late today, well it is Sunday, and went down to Porthmadog on the Ffestiniog Railway. Lots of shops open here (Blaenau) and in Porthmadog on Sundays, shopping no problem. Very … Continue reading A letter from North Wales.

An interesting ride? I wouldn’t bank on it.

At work, they (yes, those mysterious "they") are trialling a new set of group email addresses so for a couple of days there have been these emails arriving telling us that they are trialling a new set of group email addresses. They are dynamic apparently, these email addresses, so when new members of staff join … Continue reading An interesting ride? I wouldn’t bank on it.

Not the Chelsea Flower Show.

Welcome aboard, we're going on a journey… When I was 9 or 10 or so years old, the school library contained a small set of softback books about notable ships. Amongst the titles as I recall were Titanic, Royal Sovereign, Cutty Sark and Gipsy Moth IV. Recalling now from this distance in time is a … Continue reading Not the Chelsea Flower Show.

Inowrocław, the journey home.

Listening to information being broadcast over a railway station PA system is, in my experience, never an easy proposition, even if it is in a language in which you are fluent. Most, not all I grant you but most PA systems carry a certain amount of distortion, are too loud or too quiet and are … Continue reading Inowrocław, the journey home.


I grew up in the Hertfordshire town of Berkhamsted where for the early part of my life my parents and I lived with my mother's parents in George Street at number 130. There are two roads here, in this particular part of the town, not in the town itself, George Street and Ellesmere Road, both … Continue reading Railways

A spotter’s tale.

It's Thursday 28th April 2011 and I’m sitting on the 05.51 departure from Chesham, staring up at Chesham’s disused signal box, it’s a grey morning but I have planned a rendezvous with a lady in red. The train doors rumble shut and we’re off, winding up the hillside to gain the Metropolitan main line at … Continue reading A spotter’s tale.