He is alive.

Some time later, when the street vendors had packed away their plastic crosses and crown of thorn hats, a small group of young people gathered under His cross and began to sing. It was a sad song, but no one looked as if they were sad at all. This continued for some time, then they … Continue reading He is alive.

Builded here?

What is Jerusalem, I mean, what is it? I mean. Good grief, why do so many people feel obliged, nay, compelled to start sentences with; I mean…? almost as bad as; So… And look, I've digressed already but that's alright, that's what I do, most of the time, digress. It's a sign of something, or … Continue reading Builded here?

Guilty pleasures, an occasional series. Jesus Christ Superstar.

What day it is today, Friday 2nd April, 2021? It's the first Friday after the full moon after the vernal equinox. Why is that important? Well, to those of the Western Christian faith, this day is Good Friday. For those Christians following the Eastern Orthodox Christian faith, Good or Great Friday occurs later in the … Continue reading Guilty pleasures, an occasional series. Jesus Christ Superstar.