Enterprise at Stansted

5th June 1983, 38 years ago today (at the time of writing this), the Space Shuttle approach and landing test vehicle OV-101 "Enterprise" visited Stansted Airport - way back before Stansted was the sprawling behemoth that we know and love today. Sometimes, when I tell people that a Space Shuttle visited Stansted I get "that … Continue reading Enterprise at Stansted

22½ hours in Inowrocław, part 1

"Ino-Rock" is a one-day, rock music festival held on the last weekend in August in Inowrocław, Poland. I say one-day festival; it's an afternoon into the evening sort of affair, kicks-off about 16:00 and goes on until midnight. The venue is The Summer Theatre in Inowrocław (Teatr Letni w Inowrocławiu) and usually there are four … Continue reading 22½ hours in Inowrocław, part 1