Three books on the go.

I had six books on the go, now I only have three. Admittedly one was "only" a comic book, one was a volume of railway photographs with minimal text, and one was Dicken's "A Christmas Carol." "A Christmas Carol" then, yes, after decades of watching various versions of it on the telly I've read the … Continue reading Three books on the go.

Radegast; a casual coexistence.

A few years ago, I wrote in a roundabout sort of way, as is my wont, about the time I went to the 2019 Marillion Weekend in Łódź. You can read about it, eventually, here: Marillion, not everybody’s cup of tea. "What’s this?" I hear you say, "A Marillion Weekend? Surely that's too much of … Continue reading Radegast; a casual coexistence.

It’s another bright summer day in Kraków

About 35 km from the city of Katowice and 50 km from Kraków in the south west of Poland is a town called Oświęcim (think Osh-vyen-tchim). I went there last year (2016) and looking out from the windows of the mini-bus I was in it looks very much like any other part of small-town Poland. … Continue reading It’s another bright summer day in Kraków