Well, would you believe IT?

Trawling through some old folders, as you do, I found a document with an intriguing title, so I opened it. It was something I'd written in 2016 when Axel Wireless was firmly under the boot of Cobham plc. Something I'd written trying to express my frustration with all things "corporate" and all that supercilious bollocks. … Continue reading Well, would you believe IT?

Part of my rebranding work to give Axell Wireless a new image, well, newer that it had had before. Now all down the pan…

Dual redundancy feature…

So here I am once more… Redundant. The first time I became “redundant” from Axell Wireless or Cobham Wireless as it was then, a mere 14 months ago; I accepted it; that is to say they offered me money to go away so I took the money. There were several months of lead-up to that … Continue reading Dual redundancy feature…

Attention to detail

I've just seen that the company I used to work for, Cobham Wireless, part of Cobham plc, that well known British aerospace and defence manufacturing company are advertising for a "Systems Engineer", Seniority Level: Entry level. In the "About Cobham Wireless" blurb is says; "Cobham Wireless develops, manufactures and sells DAS (Distributive Antenna Systems)…" Well, … Continue reading Attention to detail

Interesting times ahead

After just over 30 years, in fact, two days short of 31 years, working for (ostensibly) the same company in its various incarnations, I am now unemployed, redundant. When I started back in 1988 it was a privately owned company Aerial Facilities Limited (AFL), then Aerial Group then back to AFL then Axell, Axell a … Continue reading Interesting times ahead


I grew up in the Hertfordshire town of Berkhamsted where for the early part of my life my parents and I lived with my mother's parents in George Street at number 130. There are two roads here, in this particular part of the town, not in the town itself, George Street and Ellesmere Road, both … Continue reading Railways

Getting your work/life balance right

I work in an office where hardly anyone stops to take a proper tea or coffee break; sure, tea and coffee are available any time we like and people avail themselves of it but when it comes to taking the tea/coffee break that we are entitled to, I seem to be the only person. Maybe … Continue reading Getting your work/life balance right