New Star Rising

New Star Rising There's a new star rising in the west, and it's coming from the place, that we know must be the best. The nights are growing longer, feel the power getting stronger, put the people of the old ways to the test. Along the horizon, lines of dust. In the prisons, bars of … Continue reading New Star Rising

How short can a poem be?

How short can a poem be before it's just a few words on a piece of paper, before it's not a poem? Then again, what is a poem? There is a one-letter poem apparently, by the American poet and novelist, Aram Saroyan. It's called, well, I can't really type what it's called. The poem consists … Continue reading How short can a poem be?

Rainy Day, Sunshine Blues.

Talking of the Blues, which weighed heavily in the previous two posts, I just came across this little ditty which I apparently wrote on the 29th of April 2020. Ah yes, those heady days of 2020, no wonder I was thinking Blues… Talkin’ Rainy Day, Sunshine Blues Woke up this morning looked outa my door … Continue reading Rainy Day, Sunshine Blues.

I Wish It Was Yesterday.

The second "blues" poem referred to in the previous post. Again, I don't have a firm date for it but it's going to be circa 1976/78. I'd been pouring through "Writings and Drawings", a book of poetry, song lyrics and drawings by the august mister Robert Zimmerman and being young and impressionable some of it … Continue reading I Wish It Was Yesterday.

Hangover Blues

Hangover Blues Well l woke up this morning, took off my clothes and went to bed. Oh, I woke up this morning, took off my clothes and went to bed. Said I woke up this morning, took off my clothes and went to bed. Well, this pain I got baby, like a freight train going … Continue reading Hangover Blues

Love Byte.

Love Byte My love, the wires are warm tonight, and she sees me. My love flows and she knows, my love, and always programmed so. The wires are warm tonight, but emotions are within permissible limits, and we might yet touch. We might smile, we might yet touch. And I see her. She's calculated, she … Continue reading Love Byte.

3 phase 415 volts probably.

I wrote this piece of witless whimsey sometime in 1978 apparently. Typed up in April 1978 at any rate when I was obviously going through some sort of "electrical" phase, 3 phase 415 volts probably. There is a second "electrical" poem from around the same sort of time, I'll post it separately. I've tidied up … Continue reading 3 phase 415 volts probably.

Cup of tea and a slice of cake.

A simple thing, a piece of cake. When leaden skies pervade the day, And respite's sought from out the grey, A kettle with fresh water filled, The steam expands and whistle trilled. Within the pot the leaf is laid, And piping hot the water spray'd, The brew commences, minutes three, Then more tick by, brew'd … Continue reading Cup of tea and a slice of cake.

Word processor.

At school in the 1970s I hit upon the brilliant idea of replacing the writing system, you know the one where you use the set of twenty-six letters to spell out words, with a system where you spelled out each letter in a word and grouped those spelled letters as 'words'. Brilliant idea? Well, when … Continue reading Word processor.