He is alive.

Some time later, when the street vendors had packed away their plastic crosses and crown of thorn hats, a small group of young people gathered under His cross and began to sing. It was a sad song, but no one looked as if they were sad at all. This continued for some time, then they … Continue reading He is alive.

An escape.

Sing to me                 no more. Talk not of love, save me the trouble, of trying again. Just leave me, to my books, my pictures, and my sad, lost lonely looks. No! Please                 no more. Not your anguish, spare me your trouble, your crying and pain. … Continue reading An escape.

Son of The Legend of KARCHAN, part two, Rides Again!

I posted a version of this back in January this year (2022) where I mused that I seemed to remember that I'd actually written more of it but couldn't find the extra pages. Well, lucky you because I found them, three more "verses". The original threat was here: (Poetry again…). The first version is here: … Continue reading Son of The Legend of KARCHAN, part two, Rides Again!

The Legend of KARCHAN

EDIT The extra verses that I alluded to at the end of this piece have been rediscovered and the Legend of Karchan in its entirety can be found here: Son of The Legend of KARCHAN, part two, Rides Again! I threatened to post this a while back, (Poetry again… February 2021) well, here it is… … Continue reading The Legend of KARCHAN

If my words could really touch you.

Here's a little ditty from January 1979, well, finished in January 1979 I've helpfully typed at the top of the page. I was in lust with a girl called Carol as I recall, I'd met Carol in 1977 and she'd had an effect on me, but I didn't have the balls to even try to … Continue reading If my words could really touch you.