Poetry again…

In the 1970s, when I was younger, so much younger than today, I wrote poetry.
Some of it was short and sweet, some of it was lengthy, ponderous, and superciliously pretentious.
In fact, most of it seemed to lean towards the pretentious.

I typed out my musings on a typewriter, a portable typewriter. I’ve trawled Google trying to identify what sort it was and I’m fairly sure that it was the “Remington Envoy III” which came in a natty blue, plastic carrying case. Actually, I don’t want to boast but we were a two-typewriter family, oh yes; alongside the Remington we had something altogether older and more solid. It was still a “portable” typewriter as evidenced by the black wooden “lid” with carrying handle that fixed over the machine, but it was a heavy old lump to carry about.

I cut my typing teeth, as it were, on the older machine but readily switched to the newer Remington when it became available. My parents used the typewriters to produce invoices and the like, my father being self employed for a large period of my childhood.

I typed out my musings and I filed them for future reference, I had grand designs of publishing a book of the things. I had the title; “ajs A Point Of Views” but I think I may have been gazumped on the exclusivity of that title in the intervening years. Then again, the earliest “A Point Of Views” that I can find using Uncle Google hails from 1983 so maybe I got in there first…

In hindsight I think I’d call it “A Point of Views” these days, the capitalised “Of” does look a tad awkward.

Pretentious teenage poetry then, and then I found this from 1977, a minor, epic, if that can be a “thing”. “The Legend of Karchan” no less; something I’d quite forgotten that I’d written. I’ll see if I can scan and “OCR” it, if not I’ll just have to knuckle-down and type it out again. I can’t promise that you’ll find it edifying but you may find it entertaining in a humorous way, who knows? Watch this space…

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