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No Grey Areas.

"Don't ever lose me," she said, "or you'll never find me again." And she smiled with such frivolity, I didn't take it in. Like something I didn't understand, left me standing there, Like another court jester. Unfocused for a minute, wounded but not yet feeling the pain. Wondering what secrets, lie behind your dark eyes, … Continue reading No Grey Areas.

Like something I didn’t understand.

EDIT I have edited the "introduction" to this poem because I have a confession; I wrote originally that "Like something I didn't understand" was written in 1993 after an unhappy love affair. Well, I have to put the record straight and admit that it wasn't. I started writing "Like something I didn't understand" in 1988 … Continue reading Like something I didn’t understand.

Fear of Heights?

A couple of days ago, it being Friday afternoon Kath and I watched a film called "Fall". It was nothing to do with autumn in Vermont and the wonderful colours of the foliage, it's about two young women, both experienced climbers, who decide to climb a disused and soon to be demolished, 2,000-foot-high TV transmitting … Continue reading Fear of Heights?

Norn Iron is in an unbelievably special position so it is.

Did you see that Rishi Sunak the other day in that soft drink canning plant in Norn Iron? Rishi said, and I quote: "Northern Ireland is in the unbelievably special position, unique position in the entire world, European continent in having privileged access not just to the UK home market, which is enormous, fifth biggest … Continue reading Norn Iron is in an unbelievably special position so it is.

Three books on the go.

I had six books on the go, now I only have three. Admittedly one was "only" a comic book, one was a volume of railway photographs with minimal text, and one was Dicken's "A Christmas Carol." "A Christmas Carol" then, yes, after decades of watching various versions of it on the telly I've read the … Continue reading Three books on the go.

Six books on the go!

I've given up looking at Facebook. For the time being. "Yeah, right." I hear you say. No, really, I have. Today is day eight of not looking at Facebook. The other morning I'd put the TV news on, and I sat there idly scrolling. Putin is waging war against the ordinary folk of Ukraine, there'd … Continue reading Six books on the go!

On the deckle edges of life.

I haven't written much lately, I mused upon the length of poems, more precisely on how short a poem can be in "How short can a poem be?" and I transcribed another poem, "New Star Rising" that I'd originally written back in the 1970s. I've had ideas, lots of ideas but most didn't get past … Continue reading On the deckle edges of life.