How short can a poem be?

How short can a poem be before it's just a few words on a piece of paper, before it's not a poem? Then again, what is a poem? There is a one-letter poem apparently, by the American poet and novelist, Aram Saroyan. It's called, well, I can't really type what it's called. The poem consists … Continue reading How short can a poem be?

I Wish It Was Yesterday.

The second "blues" poem referred to in the previous post. Again, I don't have a firm date for it but it's going to be circa 1976/78. I'd been pouring through "Writings and Drawings", a book of poetry, song lyrics and drawings by the august mister Robert Zimmerman and being young and impressionable some of it … Continue reading I Wish It Was Yesterday.

Chesham Morning.

With apologies to Joni Mitchell… Woke up, it was a Chesham morning, and the first thing that I heard, was that noisy prick on a moped, and I mouthed a few choice words, and he came tearing up the road, at well over 30 miles an hour. Won't you go away, you've ruined my day, … Continue reading Chesham Morning.

Arty-farty photo.

In the 1980's, being arty-farty with 35 mm film wasn't impossible, but it was tricky. This image below is deliberately double exposed in an effort to be the aforementioned arty-farty. You had to take one exposure then, after winding the film forward to reset the shutter, wind the film back hoping that you didn't wind … Continue reading Arty-farty photo.

Flash, bang, wallop, what a picture!

The first camera I ever bought was an Olympus OM-1, I'd had cameras before, hand-me-downs, Kodak Instamatics with the cartridge film but the first camera I went out and chose for myself was the OM-1. I went to the local camera shop in Lower King's Road, Berkhamsted and handed over just in excess of £100.00, … Continue reading Flash, bang, wallop, what a picture!

Racibórz from under a red umbrella.

It was a rainy Saturday morning in Racibórz; later that day there was a beautiful wedding ceremony, two friends who I'd met separately a couple of years back had met each other. The rain eventually stopped. The day just got better and better. Edit. I wrote the above as a quirky excuse to use the … Continue reading Racibórz from under a red umbrella.